Thibaut Meurisse: Master Your Emotions and Take Action

In this episode, we talk about changing people’s lives - one life at a time. We talk about his path becoming a best-selling author in personal development and why it can help to focus on what is already working. We evaluate how not taking any risk is the most risky manoeuvre in life and how taking a step back can sometimes liberate you to make the greatest progress. We talk about experimenting and how growth can mean to let go. Thibaut shares his thoughts on Estonia and we talk about success and how it is inevitably related to taking action. You will learn how it is possible to persevere and be self-compassionate at the same time and we talk about social media.

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Master Your Emotions:
The Personal MBA:
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The ONE Thing:
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00:00 Intro - Just Another Mindset Podcast
00:51 What we talked about today
02:35 Welcome Thibaut
04:29 Becoming Personal Development bestselling author
09:18 Not taking a risk is a risk by itself
16:04 Taking steps back to progress
19:55 Experimenting
27:01 Growth means letting go
30:17 Estonia and reasons to move here
35:05 Success and taking action
41:18 Thibaut’s personal life goals
45:09 Social Media
44:48 Perseverance and compassion
58:45 Get to know Thibaut better
01:03:26 Final questions
01:12:39 Outro - Just Another Mindset 

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