Gijs Spoor: Systems Change & the Interconnectivity of Everything

In this episode, we talk about seeking systems change and how Gijs makes this happen. We discuss the need for spiritual and cultural transformation rather than focusing on one symptom of a broken system, namely climate change. We discuss the interconnectivity of everything and how one can weave a web of meaningful initiatives. You will learn how Gijs prioritises his projects and what it means to live in Auroville, India. We talk about gratitude and making an impact on the micro and on the macro level. You will hear what Gijs would like more people to understand, acknowledge and act upon. Finally, we talk about travelling overland from Asia to Europe and back and what you can learn along the journey. 

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Links to topics and people discussed in this episode:
Inder Dan Detha
Wageningen University:
Theory U:
Otto Scharmer:
Joanna Macy:
Work That Reconnects Network:
Vikalp Sangam:
James Gustave Speth:
The Natural Resources Defense Council:
Sri Aurobindo:
Charles Eisenstein:
Daniel Schmachtenberger:
Peter Wohleben:
The Hidden Life of Trees:
Steven Blank:
Foundation Earth:
Regen Network:
Regen Foundation:
António Guterres:
Hippie trail:
Silk Road:
Great Green Wall:
Tyson Yunkaporta - Sand Talk:
Joanna Macy - Active Hope:
C. Otto Scharmer - Theory U:
Fritjof Capra:
Robin Wall Kimmerer - Braiding Sweetgrass:
Ashish Kothari - Pluriverse:
Lakshmi Venugopal:
Sonali Ojha:
Prema Gopalan:
Schumacher College:

00:00 Intro - Just Another Mindset Podcast
01:20 What we talked about today
02:53 Welcome Gijs
08:55 Amsterdam to India
16:51 Seeker of Systems Change
21:11 Spiritual and Cultural Transformation
28:53 Interconnectivity
35:31 Weaving a web initiatives
46:30 How to prioritise
53:31 Macro and Micro impacts
57:04 Grounding yourself in gratitude
01:05:36 Understand, Acknowledge, Act upon
01:12:05 Travel Overland
01:22:30 Get to know Gijs better
01:27:29 Final questions
01:36:49 Outro - Just Another Mindset 

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