Evan Mandery: Poison Ivy - How Elite Colleges Divide Us

In this episode, you will learn about injustice and the inequality of the education system, particularly in the US. You will learn about so called “elite colleges” and why they in fact increase inequality and segregation instead of fighting against it. Evan graduated from Harvard Law School himself but he teaches at a public college and he would not change anything about it. Today, you will learn why. We talk about how elite colleges and suburbs work together to exacerbate social inequality. The book reveals how tacit agreements between exclusive “Ivy-plus” schools and white affluent suburbs create widespread de facto segregation. You will also hear success stories of wonderful, hard-working people most of which did not study at Ivy League universities. You will be confronted with the questions whether or not you are ready to acknowledge your bubble and make first attempts to step out of it. Finally, we talk about positives changes, hope and first contacts. 

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Links to topics and people discussed in this episode:
John Jay College of Criminal Justice: https://www.jjay.cuny.edu/
Harvard Law School: https://hls.harvard.edu/
Barbara Ehrenreich: https://www.barbaraehrenreich.com/
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Evan Mandery - First Contact: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7055654-first-contact-or-it-s-later-than-you-think

00:00 Intro - Just Another Mindset Podcast
01:20 What we talked about today
03:15 Welcome Evan
06:24 Poison Ivy
11:38 Agreements for segregation
24:04 A job with an impact
31:31 Tax Benefits for Elite Colleges
37:52 Success stories from the book
40:55 Education system in the US
50:54 Break the bubble
57:34 Get to know Evan better
01:00:33 Final questions
01:08:07 Outro - Just Another Mindset 

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