Eric Uresk: MMA Fights, Emotional Intelligence and Vulnerability

In this episode, you will learn how Eric grew up with alcohol, drugs and crime. After becoming sober at the age of 23, he became a Mixed Martial Arts pro fighter for ten years. This journey gave him prestige, money and other worldly success. But it also made him miserable and he knew he had to change something. Today, you will learn how he changed his life and why he lives a happy and fulfilled life today. You will learn about Emotional Intelligence, Masculine and Feminine energies and how to live a more present life. 

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00:00 Intro - Just Another Mindset Podcast
01:20 What we talked about today
02:29 Welcome Eric
04:56 Growing up with alcohol and abuse
15:26 Fighting his way up
21:58 Energy and becoming sober
36:20 Trigger points for Change
43:13 Emotional Intelligence and Balance
47:48 Masculine and Feminine Energy
57:29 Living in the Present & dealing with Weaknesses
01:04:42 Beginners Mind, Playfulness and Body Sensations
01:16:53 Wanting to be heard
01:23:49 Competition
01:36:05 Final questions
01:42:01 Outro - Just Another Mindset 

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