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We need a paradigm shift if it comes to our economic and social systems. Let us drive this change together.
"He shows the world that you don‘t have to ‚fit in a role‘ to be happy"
In order to move towards real and lasting transformation, we do not only need new approaches and technology. We also need to focus on unlearning the mindsets and perspectives that are currently shaped by an outdated system”

I hope that my story will help you to get a better understanding of who I am and why you should care. I am often told to be an open-minded and joyful human being that cares for humans and change. You may agree or disagree once we know each other better.

Personally, I have the feeling that I am here to change individuals and systems from within. Change from within will last and create positive results for us - individually and collectively. We must not be afraid of change, we shall welcome and appreciate it. I have lived with changes from a very early age. I moved from Germany to India when I was three months old - in fact, it was rather my mum but I went along with it.

There is a lot of unlearning to be done but there are also amazing opportunities to create the world that we envision for society.

Let's embrace collective changes for the better.
Let's get active and create a world that is just and prosperous.
Let's explore what Just Another Mindset can do for society.

Just another mindset Podcast

We need a paradigm shift in society. The Just Another Mindset podcast shares inspiration and tangible techniques on how to create seismic shifts in an outdated system. Collectively and for individuals alike. We deal with broken systems everywhere and this podcast helps you to envision a brighter future. Each week I bring to you a relevant conversation, message or theme that will not only entertain you but help you to change towards a more meaningful and satisfying life. Get inspired by listening to successful thought leaders, inspiring individuals and impressive change-makers. Change from within will last and create positive results for us. Let us get inspired and embrace collective changes for the better.
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November 8, 2022

Sacred Medicine, Societal Trauma and lowering our shields of protection

In this episode, you will learn about Internal Family Systems and Sacred Medicines. We talk about the expectations that the current society places on us and how those expectations elicit and catalyse our trauma. You will get a clear understanding of intergenerational and intercultural trauma and you will learn which quick fix solutions definitely do […]
November 1, 2022

Phil Graves: Why we need Wild Ideas to Rebuild our Ecosystems

In this episode, we talk about changing career from financial consulting towards work with a greater impact. Phil tells us why he took the decision to transition into a career which has more significance and why he would never go back. We talk about long-term investment strategies and why such are so important. You will […]
October 25, 2022

Outstanding Sleep, Career Changes and Impact of Work

In this episode, we talk about how much sleep is enough and what good sleep hygiene means. You will learn about techniques to sleep and rest better. You will understand sleep rebound and why you do not want to make it a habit. You will get a better understanding of how interconnected sleep, cognitive and […]
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